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What To Look For In Your AC?

The air conditioning unit is going to be a vital part of your homes heating and cooling. If you don’t have a properly working unit you could be in for some surprises at the most inconvenient times. Here are some of the common a/c problems you may experience.

Problem #1 – It’s not cooling properly

If you notice your home is cold but the temperature gauge of the unit still shows that it’s running, chances are the problem might be in the thermostat. Make sure if there is a digital touchscreen on the thermostat, to check whether or not you can change the settings. If so make sure everything is set to the correct temperature. If all is well, you might have a bad thermostat unit and it needs replacing.

common a/c problems

Problem #2 – It’s not heating properly

This can easily be fixed if your unit has a touchscreen panel on it with easily accessible controls. Make sure the heat settings are set comfortably high for indoor use so there is a warm temperature in the home. If this is set to low the unit will shut off because it thinks there’s no need for heating anymore. If all of that checks out, you might have a bad thermostat unit and needs replacing as well.

If your unit doesn’t have an accessible touchscreen panel on it or if you aren’t comfortable going through the settings yourself there’s a good chance this is your problem. You might want to look into hiring an HVAC specialist or even buying a new unit if you are having issues with your thermostat constantly.

Problem #3 – The vents run but no air comes out

This could mean there is some kind of blockage between the vents in your home and the air conditioning unit. This could be something as small as a toy being sucked up into the system or it could be a much bigger problem such as an animal nest of some sort is blocking the vents which can shut down all air flow and completely ruin your HVAC system.