What To Look For When Selling Your Home

What To Look For When Selling Your Home

They say home is where the heart is. In fact, it is where everything is. When we look for a home to live in there are a lot of factors that go into it. When we sell a new home, we expect it to be perfect. However, don’t let first impressions fool you. Even new houses could need work.

Check your windows and doors for drafts

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The first thing that you want to do is make sure that the doors and windows are sealing properly. This can be a feature that was overlooked or done in haste. This is something you want to pay close attention to if your home was newly built.

Check the walls and ceilings for cracks

Cavity wall insulation is an expensive thing, so it’s important that they installed these correctly. Look for any cracks or holes in the walls. If there are any then this could be a sign of a bigger problem.

Check for moisture or mold on the walls or ceiling

Inspecting the roof of your home is a must-do when buying a home because this is where you could find potential damage. The same goes with the walls and ceilings that connect to it. If you see stains, then have them checked out by a professional immediately.

Check the basement

Inspecting your basement is also important because the foundation of your home could be damaged and you wouldn’t know it until a leak happens. Check for any cracks on the walls or floor, especially in corners – this where moisture and mold are most likely to start growing.

Look at the gutters and downspouts

If the gutters and downspouts of your home are not in good condition, then that’s an issue. If they need to be replaced, you will want to have this done immediately because it could potentially cause water damage to your exterior walls.

When it comes to a new home you still want to make sure it was done correctly. Taking a few minutes to look into the finer details will give you peace of mind you are not buying a money pit.